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Tango Touch® is an easy, modern and fun way for your first, enchanting contact with Argentine Tango!
Or – if you already are a tango dancer – to undertake a special in-depth journey with an original and effective approach.

Tango Touch

Our classes take place in the center of Milan, in a very nice and elegant area, very easy to reach by public transportation (subway, bus, tram) or even by car.
You can choose among regular classes with different levels, private lessons or thematic workshops. You will find a professional environement as well as a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
Thanks to all the different activities that we organize throughout the year and our desire to share our love for Tango, it’s easy to find dance partners to study with or new friends to go out dancing together.
Our “Tango Practice” days – once a month on Sunday afternoon – are also important moments of exchange and sharing: you can meet with all the other students from other classes and dance with them while teachers are available to answer your questions, show steps and help you.
We’ve built for you an exciting full path through the Argentine culture (music, great artists, tradition) without forgetting one crucial thing: Tango is always about connecting with other people and everything start with an embrace.
We’re waiting for you!