Saturday, October 28th – Tango Technique for Ladies

Our “Tango Technique for Ladies” classes are back!


4-5pm PART 1

5-6pm PART 2

The goal of these lessons is to give all the students some tools to dance not just as a follower, but as a “dancer”.

In the first part we’ll improve our posture and stability working on foot support and body balance, starting without shoes. Then we’ll try on high heels. Afterwords we’ll work on some simple steps  improving the quality of movement and coordination.

In the second part we’ll front more complex dynamics practicing some dancing sequences with and without music in order to improve fluency, elegance and musicality. We’ll also introduce some adornos (embellishments)

You can also attend only one of the two hours but we suggest to do the complete didactic path.

The classes are held by Sara Casotti.

Bring socks and tango shoes.


> Acsi/Fai Tango card needed.

> Price: write to

> Registration through google form.



Spazio Lambrate – Viale Rimembranze di Lambrate, 16
DANCE ROOM, first floor