Argentine Tango, Chacarera & Practice

Don’t miss our special event on Saturday, December 11! A whole day dedicated to Argentine Tango and Folklore, open to everybody!


Here’s the schedule:

2:30pm – 3.30pm “Love at first sight” – Workshop for Absolute Beginners

3.45pm – 4.45pm “All’s well that ends well” – Workshop on how to end your Tango with an amazing Finale, Open Level

5pm-6pm “Adentro!” Chacarera Workshop, open level, no tango needed

6pm-8pm “A bailar” – Tango Practice with teachers available for help

Classes held by da Gabriele Sassetti and Sara Casotti.



Through google form

Green Pass needed.

Registration in couple
– recommended for Workshop 1 Absolute Beginners
– mandatory for Workshop 2 on Tango Finale
– not needed for Workshop 3, Chacarera





Via San Vincenzo 25 – Croce Verde entrance, first floor.

We suggest to use public transportation (there’s a big market in Viale Papiniano, no parking).

MM2 Sant’Agostino – Tram 2, 10, 14 – Bus 94

If you prefer to use your car you can enter in Area C without paying on Saturday.


Tango Argentino - con Sara Casotti e Gabriele Sassetti